Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Policy

    We protect your privacy as if it were our own. We use the information you provide to us for three purposes only: to process your order(s), to reply to your questions, and to incorporate your feedback into improvements to our web site. We will not give, sell, or rent your personal information or specific account activity to anyone for any reason.
    Our secure ordering:
    We use secure socket layer (ssl) technology to encrypt the information you send us when you place your order, and we also take several steps to protect your personal information in our facilities. Access to your personal information is restricted. Only employees who need access to your personal information to perform a specific job are granted access to your personal information. Finally, we rely on third-party service providers for the physical security of some of our computer hardware. We believe that their security procedures are adequate.
    Information we collect:
    In designing our website, we started with the simple belief that customer service is our number one priority. Therefore the customer information we collect is used to enhance our services and order processing to our customers.
    When you visit our website, we collect information about your visit:
    We collect your ip address, browser type, domain name, and we log the length of time of your visit and the number of times you purchase from us. We assign you a unique customer number to help keep track of your future visits. We keep this information for our internal use; we do not share it with others.
  • Our site uses cookies to store information between visits to our site:

    Cookies are a mechanism to remember information about a visitor from one page to another. Web browsers store cookies so that the browser itself can remember some information and then, on request, pass all that information up to the server at one time. We use cookies to remember your name and the contents of your shopping cart. This allows you to leave our site, come back later, and still have the contents of your shopping cart intact. It also lets us personalize your experience, tailoring the content to your interests. Our website requires the use of cookies. Turning off cookies or rejecting the cookie will prevent you from accessing the website.
  • We have third-party relationships:

    We use third-party intermediaries. When you purchase from us, we send your credit card information, name, and billing address to credit card companies for verification and to authorize your purchase. Your information does not get transferred anywhere else or sold - for any purpose.
  • Information use and disclosure:

    We use your personal information to process your order and provide you with customer service. We may internally use your personal information to improve our site's content and layout, to improve our outreach and for our own marketing efforts (including marketing our services and products to you), and to determine general marketplace information about visitors to this site.
  • Communications with you:

    We will use your personal information to communicate with you about our site and your orders and deliveries. Also, we may send you a confirmation email when you register with us. We may send you a service-related announcement on the rare occasions when it is necessary (for example, if we must temporarily suspend our service for maintenance.) Also, you may submit your email address for reasons such as to request us to notify you when we receive a new brand, new product style, or product; to sign up for our email newsletter and special offers; if you submit your email address, we use it to deliver the information to you. We always permit you to unsubscribe or opt out of future emails (see opt out section, below, for more details). Because we have to communicate with you about orders that you choose to place, you cannot opt out of receiving emails related to your orders.
  • How we notify you of changes to our privacy policy:

    Whenever we change our privacy policy, we will post a notice on our website indicating that a new version is available. If we change how it uses a users personally identifiable information, the user will be notified by email and they may opt-out at that time. However, if you have opted-out of all communication with the site you will not be contacted, nor will your personally identifiable information be used in this new manner.
  • Contacting the web site:

    If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, you can send mail to us. Sharing and transfer of personal information The controller may transfer personal information of customers to primary third-party suppliers, acting as “data processors” (the “processors”), for the purpose of performing business operations in order to fulfil their contractual obligations. The controller will make their best effort to ensure that all processors will apply their industry best practice to protect personal information and that they will not use personal information for any other purposes than those agreed with the controller. For instance, the controller may share personal information with the following categories of processors: -couriers and postal operators; -fulfilment centers and warehouses; -advertising, digital, marketing and social media agencies; -it service providers; -customer care service providers; -payment service providers. In such cases, sharing personal information with the processors is necessary for the controller to fulfil their contractual obligations and, also, to improve the site’s products and services. Users can request an updated list of the processors involved in the processing of personal information relevant to the site’s activities by writing an email to us. The controller must always reserve the right to disclose personal information about users as required by law (for instance, in response to law enforcement requests), and where needed to protect the rights of the controller or its affiliates or third parties. Moreover, personal information may be disclosed to other companies within the same corporate group of each of the controller, or to third parties in the event of a corporate restructuring process, in full compliance with the applicable law. In any other cases, the sharing of personal information will be conditional upon the preliminary and explicit consent of the user, unless processing is allowed under an alternative legal basis.
  • Technical cookies used by the site include:

    • navigation cookies: to ensure the normal browsing and use of the site, through different options or services;
    • functional cookies: to save user preferences and facilitate the browsing experience based on a set of selected criteria (for example, language, browser type, etc.). The site also collects the ip address or any other identifying information on the user device that is necessary in order to manage the site, diagnose server problems and meet other lawful purposes. Disabling technical cookies may limit the ability of users to browse the site and to enjoy its features or the services offered.
  • Other cookies

    All cookies other than technical cookies are installed or activated only if previous consent by “opt-in” is given by users. On their first visit to the site, users are shown a cookie banner on the screen or interface. This banner will disappear once the user has accepted or refused the cookies used on the site. Opt-in may be expressed in a general way, for instance by closing the banner, or by clicking the ok button, or by scrolling the page or clicking on any of its elements; opt-in can be also provided in a selective way. Opt-in given by users is tracked and recorded in order to make their next visits to the site more effective. However, users can always revoke all or part of the consents previously given. The non-technical cookies used by the site are third-party cookies: cookies set up on the user’s device by a domain or website distinct from the site. Third party cookies are implemented by marketing vendors and partners of the site by the means of third party tags. The site does not control such cookies. The site does not have any access or control over cookies or other tracking technology used by third parties accessible by the site and cannot ensure compliance of third parties with the applicable privacy law.
    • advertising cookies: these cookies allow the site to create an anonymous profile of users based on their browsing experience on this site and on others. In such a way, it is possible to provide users with advertisements targeted to their interests rather than generic advertising. This is a list of advertising cookies (it includes a link to more information on such cookies and the instructions to manage user consent): Google, cloudflare, weborama.
    • Retargeting cookies: these cookies allow third-parties to send advertising to users who have previously visited the site. This is a list of retargeting cookies (it includes a link to more information on such cookies and the instructions on how to manage user consent):
    • Social media cookies: these cookies are needed to share content on social networks. This is a list of social media cookies (it includes a link to more information on such cookies and the instructions on how to manage user consent): Pinterest, facebook, twitter, youtube.
    • Analytical cookies: these cookies are collected by third parties, in individual or aggregated form, in order to collect information on the number of users and on how they visit the website, such as information on which pages or sections are most viewed. This is a list of analytical cookies (it includes a link to pages with more information on such cookies and the instructions on how to manage user consent): Adobe site catalyst, google analytics, webtrekk.
    The site uses cookies that do not allow for any control over the user's device and do not install programs on the user's device. Browser preferences Users can manage cookie preferences through their web browser settings:
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